About Dutch Orange Trading.

Dutch Orange Trading is a young company that has devised solutions for various HDPE applications. For example, we have started developing a mobile production line for HDPE pipes, which can be transported to the production location where the pipe is needed. This method saves a lot of unnecessary transport and welding work, as a result of which the environment is burdened less and NOx is released. It is possible to trench this produced HDPE pipe directly with a machine, as a result of which less space is required for excavation and less environmental burden and unnecessary damage claims.

New development of Dutch Orange Trading a Safety and optical detection Buoy, this very high quality technical Buoy is made entirely of HDPE and stainless steel. It is built with Dutch technology and equipped with the latest technology in the field of security and detection. This buoy is applicable in many locations where an extra eye and nose is needed.

These Dutch Orange products are assembled and tested by our selected partners, then transported by us all over the world and possibly maintained on request, but there is also the possibility to do this in-house with the support of us. We also have all possible parts for you quickly at the desired location anywhere in the world via our network.